Inner Truth Massage

"Feel Like Yourself Again!"

A healing space in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, NH offering the highest quality massage therapy.


Experience the difference at Inner Truth Massage. We are a small team of skilled therapists, passionate about our work, who are excited about helping you feel better. We offer individualized treatment that always goes above and beyond.

Inner Truth Massage

"Traveling on business from Seattle, I have my regular therapist I see monthly... but the flight over was brutal and I needed to work out the kinks before a 3 day meeting. I had Amy as my therapist and she was spectacular. She found the usual hot spots from travel and really worked out those kinks. I got my little snores in with the relaxation. There was nice warm neck pillow, eye mask, hot towel, heated table. The room is nice and cozy with a beautiful chandelier, nice temp, relaxing aromas. They really book up and I was lucky to find a spot. I highly recommend booking early and online. I am definitely returning here the next visit. This is truly a hidden gem!"

- Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials
She was able to loosen muscles like nothing I've seen before. I had a shoulder issue that seemed like it was an injury, but she was able to stretch it out and the pain is gone now. Found all my stress spots and released them. I walked out of there feeling like a different person.



Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries. -Astrid Alauda