Autumn Spice Massage:

Warm up and relax with our Autumn Special: 

Spiced aromatherapy massage incorporating hot stones! (organic and therapeutic grade)

Enjoy a 50-minute customized massage with warm stones throughout and a refreshing steam towel treatment to finish your experience. Our spiced aromatherapy blend contains balsam, orange, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. The epitome of Fall. 

50 minutes $95

Ginger-Honey Foot Soak and Massage:

De-stress and dip your feet into a warm herbal bath of epsom salts and ginger oil. The therapeutic properties will gently soak in as you relax and unwind with a warm neck wrap and a cup of tea.

Your therapist will then treat your feet to an exfoliating sugar honey scrub followed by an anti-inflammatory arnica oil massage. Your feet do so much for you... Treat them!

50 minutes $75

Package Deals:

Massage therapy is cumulative, so the more regularly you receive, the more you get out of each session. Save money and make massage a part of your wellness plan with a package of massage sessions to be used at your convenience. A wellness routine of twice a month or monthly is recommended, but whatever you can do will be beneficial to your body and mind! 

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Client Testimonials
Upon arrival I was very impressed with the knowledge of my injury and the path to assist me moving forward. Along with my physical therapy, massage sessions GREATLY increased my flexibility and my progression to allow me to heal faster.



How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward. -Spanish Proverb