I had a rotator cuff operation which appeared to heal well, but 8 months after that I found out I had a pinched nerve. I went through physical therapy which didn't correct the problem. I have now had four sessions with Tamar and I am doing so much better. She really knows how to focus on the areas that need attention and now after those 4 visits, the pinched nerve is almost disappeared. I highly recommend Inner Truth as extremely knowledgeable professionals.

-John L.

Customer since January 2015

Miracle worker!

I woke up on Tues am and was unable to turn my head and had limited range of motion. Fortunately I had a prescheduled appointment on Wed with Tamar. Today I feel like a new woman! It was amazing what she was able to do for me in such a short time. I literally went from pain and lack of movement to feeling like myself again with each passing hour after our appointment. By 9pm last night, I didn’t even need to ice it anymore. She is a miracle worker!

-Stacey M.

Customer since March 2013


In January I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and had very limited shoulder mobility and a fair amount of pain. My doctor said it could take 2 years to resolve. Six months later, after regular sessions with Tamar, my range of motion is back to normal and the pain has been alleviated. Tamar is a lovely person and so, so talented at what she does. Her space is beautiful and relaxing. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment.

-Pam I.

Customer since May 2013

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Client Testimonials
Before each session, they take the time to listen to my concerns and tailor the treatment accordingly. Her manner is peaceful and genuinely caring; I feel as if I am all that matters during those 60 minutes.



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